Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Pathway to Love Cultivating — Respect

"We must learn to live as brothers and sisters 
or perish together as fools." 
Martin Luther King

Flotsam and jetsam rise to the surface. A cacophony of negativity and chaos seems to rule. Through the noise I have been drawn to examine the deeper definition of the word respect. In contemplating respect I have been lead to examine the qualities and characteristics of self-respect. This inward journey has brought into focus the way in which I communicate, the lens through which I perceive others and the biases I may hold as truth. 

Self-respect is not about being right. It is not ruled by our ego but rather it is fueled by the awareness that all thoughts and all actions are a reflection of the soul.  Self-respect originates from the depth of our inner knowing, our inner light. It is manifested through the honoring of oneself and therefore honoring others. When we have self-respect we understand that it is echoed in how we treat our bodies, how we feed our minds, the way in which we nurture our spirit and how we interact with our environment and fellow humankind. 

As the new year approaches start to observe your Self. Listen to your inner chatter and ask yourself  "What fears are fueling my perceptions?" Hold honor and dignity as the foundation of your soul. Practice letting go of ego. Use love as a springboard for your interactions with the rest of the world. Become a better listener.  With a little courage and a lot of persistence you may realize that  all you need to do is let go.  When we let go of hatred, anger and self-righteousness we open the pathway to love. Letting go leaves space to be filled with enlightenment and wisdom. Self respect leads us on the road to love. 

Wishing you the very best of all for this Holiday Season and 
Holding you in love and light,

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Connecting With Spirit
Waiting for Dad

Working in the ethereal realm has given me the opportunity to commune with spirit in beautiful and profound ways. Although I don't identify with the label "medium",  there are times when I connect with my client's family members and friends who have passed. Messages of love and healing have brought comfort and peace to many throughout the years. Therefore, I naturally assumed that I would feel the presence of my own departed family members with little effort. Surely I would have an edge, right?

My father died on Nov. 8th, 2013. Although it was expected, the gaping hole his death left in our family was immeasurable. My mother and we children experienced the exquisite pain of loss and the monumental missing of a handsome, funny, giving, complex and loving father.

After Dad passed I waited to "feel" him around me. Nothing came. I meditated, sang songs, searched the skies and still no sign from my Dad. The desire for one last chat, one last hug hung heavy on my heart. "Come on Dad!" I shouted, "I need you!" The idea that Dad was with me and I was simply unable to sense him gave me little comfort.  I wanted a visceral connection with my Father and I wanted it now!

Days, weeks and months went by. The loss was no less painful. Ultimately I came to a conclusion. I decided that in order to connect with my Dad I would just take him along on my day. Since I knew he was as expansive as the universe I realized he could be in more than one place at one time. Just like LOVE.

I began talking to him. I talked to him while I worked out at the Y. I sent him psychic postcards of stunning Florida sunsets. I took him on my bicycle rides. I asked him for help. I reminisced with him. Essentially, he became my shadow. This felt good but still I waited. There was no earth shattering tap on the shoulder from Dad. Nevertheless sharing my thoughts and my world with my father helped me grieve and heal while connecting me with gratitude for my world and all in it.

One morning I was sitting at a very long red light not thinking about much at all. In an instant I felt my father around me. The experience was all consuming. I was engulfed in his essence. It seemed as if every good and beautiful aspect of my Dad's soul was surrounding me. It was wonderful and it was unmistakingly my Dad.  He was wrapping his arms around me. It was a heavenly hug that left me with a heavenly joy. Peace. Love. Thank you Dad!

These days a song on the radio or the call of a hawk can make me think of my Dad. When I hear a certain phrase or see a certain symbol I know it is a message from him. When I say something that he always said I feel the heart tug of love. 
Why am I writing this? For those of you who have lost and are still waiting for that hug, tap on the shoulder, or symbolic message. It will come. Just keep connecting with your heart. Stay open and drop your agenda of "how". Love will come to you. Connection will occur. Hang on and stay open. And as Father's Day looms in the near future I am also writing this to say, "I love you Dad!"

Love and light,

Catc A Wave

"Catch a wave and your sittin' on top of the world."
Beach Boys "Catch a Wave"

Are you feeling afraid? Are you worried about everything? Do you feel helpless and depressed, anxious and distracted?  There is something you can do to alleviate the stress that appears to be drowning you. Catch a wave. We are surrounded by waves of energy. Sound, radio and electromagnetic waves constantly bounce around us. There are waves of negativity, fear and hate and then there is the wave of love. With a loving thought or a simple act of kindness you magnetize its power to you. When you choose love you commune with a force of healing that permeates the planet. Riding a wave of love lifts your spirit, shifts your perspective and expands your own vibratory field. You live in the moment. Believe in it's power and engage with it.

Some of us perpetually flail about among currents of negativity riding the peaks and valleys of fear. Love negates powerlessness. You cannot feel like a victim when love is your focus. Create your own bandwidth of love by choosing to think, speak and act in loving ways. Your efforts will help our planet heal.  

If you are burdened by negativity check in with your thoughts. Are they harsh and judgmental? Minor changes in perspective can create major shifts in attitude. Notice how even the smallest act of kindness alters your emotional mood. Try it! You have nothing to lose but suffering and much gain. Catch a wave, the wave of love.

"I think the world is going to be saved by millions of small things."
Pete Seeger 
Love and light,

Friday, May 5, 2017

You Matter

You Matter 
Self esteem from the Inside Out

Self Esteem: A confidence and satisfaction in oneself. Self-respect. 
Another definition: Confidence in one's own worth or ability.  Webster's 

What yardstick do you use to calculate your worth? If you assess your value through societal standards you may be setting yourself up for heartache and suffering. Our culture measures worth and value through one's financial success, beauty, and brains. These standards are a surefire path to low self esteem and unhappiness. Over and over in my work I am shown that money truly does not buy happiness, beauty does not guarantee a charmed life and intelligence does not insulate one from chaos and pain. 

In my readings there is only love. A person's value shines through as their "inner core". This core is the essence of who they are, what spark of light they bring into the world and the vibrational energy they were born to share. Core energy can be defined by the qualities of  joy, delight, playfulness, enthusiasm, kindness and compassion.  What would happen if we began to use these intangible qualities as the benchmark for our value and worth?

Self esteem begins to flourish as you accept who you are with your shortcomings and struggles. And it will grow as you encourage the expression of love and joy in all that you strive to create. When you foster unconditional love you will begin to be a gentler and kinder judge. The twists and turns of your life have given you wisdom and compassion. Life's trials have softened your edges and deepened your ability to forgive and let go. You are valuable. You matter. You have the power to help, heal, to create and discover. You have a voice that counts. 

To develop self esteem one must begin with the concept that we are all valuable, we are all worthy. We can then open pathways to forgiving. We abandon self-righteousness.  And we forge a path of appreciation and respect not only of our voyage but of the journey of each and everyone of us.

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection" _Siddhartha Gautama
Love and light,