Saturday, April 27, 2019

Don't Water the Weeds

My client beamed as she described the steps she took in taking charge of her happiness. "You know," she explained, "I don't water the weeds."

I had never heard that expression and immediately fell in love with it.  What I especially enjoy is the concept that you are holding the watering can. You control what thoughts you nurture. Cultivate negativity and it will govern your perspective. Choose to nourish kindness and your world will bloom from the inside out.

Life is full of proverbial weeds. They illuminate the places within that need healing. Through practice and awareness we can become adept at recognizing when we are watering them and begin to create pathways to a more loving, creative and peaceful mind.

This simple adage is a wonderful way to remind ourselves that we govern our thoughts. As we practice listening to our inner monologue we gain wisdom and the freedom to direct our lives with intention. Make a vow to become your own spiritual gardener and grow a world of happiness and love.

Holding you in love and light,