Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Will You Be My Valentine?

Tis the season to show our love and this is the month we have dedicated to do so. As you know, February 14th is Valentine's Day. The word valentine stems from the Latin valen or "worthy".   What a beautiful concept to see ourselves as worthy, thereby loveable. Self love asks us to accept the idea that we are worthy and deserving of love. Somehow we have warped the idea of being worthy into an idea of needing to prove our worthiness. There are many multi-billion dollar businesses counting on people believing in the premise that you gain worthiness by being a certain weight, height, look, age and income level.

What would happen if we began to believe that just by being here on earth we were worthy of love? What if we lived by the idea that there is no barometer with which to measure this love and that we are on a life-long journey to uncover it, release it, discover it and yes, receive it? What if we began to see that living our lives from a place of love for our Self was the catalyst to grow more and more love and that by loving our Self our love of others would be a natural outcome? I see Self love as the single cell amoeba in the petri dish and as that single cell —"single thought" — multiplies all life and love grows. Self love is the ultimate liberator. As we choose to love we free our innate creativity, playfulness and joy thereby allowing and making way for new avenues of their expression.

This year I am taking the love message of February into my year with devotion. I ask you join me by starting with a little bit of love for yourself. Celebrate your talents and stop obsessing over your faults. Lighten up on the criticism and increase the admiration. You deserve it—you lovable you!

I close my critical eye and open my loving heart. Love generates from deep within. I connect with the divine source that flows from me and I love, simply, clearly and infinitely.
Happy Valentines!