Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Have I Done?

Have you ever made a choice and then watched helplessly while a myriad of problems arose from the simple act of opting for one direction rather than another? The sense of loss of control, and the roller coaster ride of emotions can be overwhelming.

I am wiping my brow and taking a deep breath after just such an experience and I want to share with you the lessons I have been reacquainted with through the chain reaction of a choice gone awry.

When life seems to be spinning out of control:
Get a grip on your emotions. I did not say bury your feelings or deny them, I did say don't let them rule you. In my case if I had fueled my initial burst of anger and frustration, I doubt I would be able to speak of the positive outcome which eventually ensued. Letting anger take over isolates and can blind us to alternative solutions to our challenge.

Remember "No man is an island." Ask for help. My error in choice lead to a number of people opting to help rectify the problem. Some people embraced helping with gusto and concern. I found compassionate listening at the other end of the phone. I found people doing more than just their jobs to educate me on various options which might solve my problem.  

Request that someone go the extra mile -- but ask with love. When speaking with a representative I asked her to "Put on her halo and make a miracle." Suggesting that she go beyond the norm triggered something in her that engaged her in my issue in a more personal way. And help me she did.

Don't give up; follow your gut. If something is not working and you really feel there "has to be a way" don't stop asking for what you want. As I hit one wall and then another I momentarily lost momentum and almost gave up my quest for a solution to my problem, but after a restless night's sleep a voice in my head said "Give it another try." So I did.

Pray for guidance. I found myself asking; "What am I to learn from this? What do I need to know?" Instead of staying in the impotence of victim energy I searched within for what knowledge I could gain from the experience.

Be in gratitude. After the mess was cleaned up I took the time to call and thank the people who had helped me. I think we all felt a great sense of victory.

My issue was minor in the scheme of life but the lessons brought back to me are not. My initial choice caused a domino effect of "Murphy's Law" my second and third and fourth choices created a pathway of connectivity and flow, reminding me that life is an adventure and that I am part of a vibrant community populated by people who will go the extra mile and embrace an extraordinary challenge in order to lend a hand to another and by doing so feel a sense of connection and perhaps a little glow in their heart.  

Love and light,

As I bend and stretch to accommodate life's ebbs and flows I connect with my world in a life altering way. 

Nora Hooper - Intuitive

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