Saturday, October 10, 2015

On Having a Bad Day

"Could be worse, not sure how, but it could be."  
Winnie the Pooh

Observing what triggers our emotions is a vital step in developing intuition. Living in and through our emotions will ultimately mean experiencing life through "our story". In this essay I  continue the conversation around the opportunity for growth our emotions offer. 

"I"m having a bad day!" she frowned, firmly entrenched in her perspective while all around her there was laughter and light.  "I'm so sorry, I hope it gets better soon." I said. 

We all have bad moments, bad days and times in life when suffering can seem to stretch on and on. A bad day is a great opportunity to ask yourself what perceptions or expectations were not met? What reaction within you triggered your feelings?  What caused you to deem an entire day bad? A day that you had not yet even finished experiencing!  Who or what did not do or be what you wanted?

Next time you find yourself "having a bad day" stop and acknowledge no matter how deeply buried, there is a gift to be discovered. Then find it. Explore without blame of judgment.  Ask who is hurting inside? Question what is being triggered? Uncover what button was pushed? Then step back. Throw that innocent day a lifeline by listening to who is hurting inside. 

Having a bad day is emotionally exhausting when we won't let go of it. Muster your courage to move forward into the present and leave the story of the past behind. Listen to your inner knowing and loving voice and be determined to engage with the creative spirit that lives within you. 

Let go and love.