Sunday, May 31, 2020

"To Love a person is to 
learn the song that is in their heart, 
and to sing it to them 
when they have forgotten."

There are times when life surprises you and offers a gift that resonates with your spirit. While rummaging through a drawer for a piece of scrap paper I came across the above quote. My spirit lifted as I thought about the people in my life and how they have touched my heart. 

The image of each person having a unique song overwhelmed
 me with awe. I wondered could we all learn to listen for each other's unique soul song? Would you take time to remind another of how their spark lights up your world? Or how their heart touches yours?  

Let's vow to take the time to remind another of their beauty, their individual contribution or simply just how they make us feel. Be the one who whispers in their ear the music that is their special song when they have forgotten. 

Sending you a song of love.

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