Sunday, August 20, 2017

Connecting With Spirit
Waiting for Dad

Working in the ethereal realm has given me the opportunity to commune with spirit in beautiful and profound ways. Although I don't identify with the label "medium",  there are times when I connect with my client's family members and friends who have passed. Messages of love and healing have brought comfort and peace to many throughout the years. Therefore, I naturally assumed that I would feel the presence of my own departed family members with little effort. Surely I would have an edge, right?

My father died on Nov. 8th, 2013. Although it was expected, the gaping hole his death left in our family was immeasurable. My mother and we children experienced the exquisite pain of loss and the monumental missing of a handsome, funny, giving, complex and loving father.

After Dad passed I waited to "feel" him around me. Nothing came. I meditated, sang songs, searched the skies and still no sign from my Dad. The desire for one last chat, one last hug hung heavy on my heart. "Come on Dad!" I shouted, "I need you!" The idea that Dad was with me and I was simply unable to sense him gave me little comfort.  I wanted a visceral connection with my Father and I wanted it now!

Days, weeks and months went by. The loss was no less painful. Ultimately I came to a conclusion. I decided that in order to connect with my Dad I would just take him along on my day. Since I knew he was as expansive as the universe I realized he could be in more than one place at one time. Just like LOVE.

I began talking to him. I talked to him while I worked out at the Y. I sent him psychic postcards of stunning Florida sunsets. I took him on my bicycle rides. I asked him for help. I reminisced with him. Essentially, he became my shadow. This felt good but still I waited. There was no earth shattering tap on the shoulder from Dad. Nevertheless sharing my thoughts and my world with my father helped me grieve and heal while connecting me with gratitude for my world and all in it.

One morning I was sitting at a very long red light not thinking about much at all. In an instant I felt my father around me. The experience was all consuming. I was engulfed in his essence. It seemed as if every good and beautiful aspect of my Dad's soul was surrounding me. It was wonderful and it was unmistakingly my Dad.  He was wrapping his arms around me. It was a heavenly hug that left me with a heavenly joy. Peace. Love. Thank you Dad!

These days a song on the radio or the call of a hawk can make me think of my Dad. When I hear a certain phrase or see a certain symbol I know it is a message from him. When I say something that he always said I feel the heart tug of love. 
Why am I writing this? For those of you who have lost and are still waiting for that hug, tap on the shoulder, or symbolic message. It will come. Just keep connecting with your heart. Stay open and drop your agenda of "how". Love will come to you. Connection will occur. Hang on and stay open. And as Father's Day looms in the near future I am also writing this to say, "I love you Dad!"

Love and light,