Monday, February 12, 2018

Words from a Dying Teenage Idol

Wasted Time

 'So much wasted time.' These were the words uttered by the dying teenage idol David Cassidy. His powerful message caught me off guard as I flipped through a gossip magazine at my hair salon. The impact of his statement stayed with me throughout the day as I contemplated "wasted time". To be clear, I am not referring to an hour in front of the TV or time perusing Facebook, but rather the more regrettable and detrimental time wasters sprang to mind.

I saw hours lost in worry or anger and days consumed by a refusal to forgive. A life exhausted by low self esteem or entrenched in addiction joined the list.  The negative power of gossip materialized in my thoughts while self-righteousness took its place among the tally of time wasters. With each impression I became deeply aware of the destructive power of squandered time. 

If you think wasting time takes no effort think again. The energy one expends in worry, anger, bitterness, resentment or self-abuse is entirely depleting. Next time an emotion or drama steps in to rule your day ask yourself,  "Do I really have time for this?" In doing so you may discover your own inner guide to letting go and living in love.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Pathway to Love Cultivating — Respect

"We must learn to live as brothers and sisters 
or perish together as fools." 
Martin Luther King

Flotsam and jetsam rise to the surface. A cacophony of negativity and chaos seems to rule. Through the noise I have been drawn to examine the deeper definition of the word respect. In contemplating respect I have been lead to examine the qualities and characteristics of self-respect. This inward journey has brought into focus the way in which I communicate, the lens through which I perceive others and the biases I may hold as truth. 

Self-respect is not about being right. It is not ruled by our ego but rather it is fueled by the awareness that all thoughts and all actions are a reflection of the soul.  Self-respect originates from the depth of our inner knowing, our inner light. It is manifested through the honoring of oneself and therefore honoring others. When we have self-respect we understand that it is echoed in how we treat our bodies, how we feed our minds, the way in which we nurture our spirit and how we interact with our environment and fellow humankind. 

As the new year approaches start to observe your Self. Listen to your inner chatter and ask yourself  "What fears are fueling my perceptions?" Hold honor and dignity as the foundation of your soul. Practice letting go of ego. Use love as a springboard for your interactions with the rest of the world. Become a better listener.  With a little courage and a lot of persistence you may realize that  all you need to do is let go.  When we let go of hatred, anger and self-righteousness we open the pathway to love. Letting go leaves space to be filled with enlightenment and wisdom. Self respect leads us on the road to love. 

Wishing you the very best of all for this Holiday Season and 
Holding you in love and light,